Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Callbacks!


I most say, that i'm So happy how many girls auditioned. But it was harder to choose the girls for the cycle, so i decided that we will have the Callbacks!

In no particular order :

- ILoveWicked.
- ShugaBabe..x
- hot10girl
- Curly112497
- shake-something
- natnat54
- pinkrocker001
- Hershey1011
- jayla59
- AnTm_IdoL
- Sweet_gal11
- itgonnarain
- guavatastic
- crazyinluv123
- asopompom
- --Rihanna---
- clubklo
- Ashley_Love_Zac
- AnE-SwEeTy

I'm so sorry for those who didn't get trough, but there is still next cycles.

And for those who came trough, here is the theme for your sceneries :


Be glamourus and you HAVE to do a POSE!
Try to be creative, and another thing...try not to use the box sceneries.

And Remember girls! Do your best, because from your sceneries i will pick 12 girls to be in the offical cycle 2!
You have time until 10th of january!! If you need a longer deadline, tell me and i will see what i can do.

If you have any questions ask me.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hi guys!

As you know, I'm Nika(RihannyX), and i have troubles posting in my club (RNTM).
So that's why i created this blog, to make everything easier.

The callbacks will be posted soon! Sorry for the delay.

P.S. banner comming soon :)