Saturday, November 27, 2010


Dear Santa,

I have to tell you, that this cycle was defenatly differend and exciting! All the drama, the extensions, the success, and most of all, the Talent! All the girls who competed in this cycle
were a-mazing! They've shown so much creativity, uniquness and that everyone of them is special.
I'm so proud of all of them, and i hope they're happy they compeeted and that they've learnt something new. But it's this time of the competition where I've got only 2 girls left whose sceneries where always fantastic! But who to pick as a winner? Well, it was a tought decidion...
I won't say Anything. I will show you the answer...
The winner of Rihanna's next top model 2010 cycle 2 is :


I'm so proud and I feel so honored to have you as a winner of RNTM! I hope you're happy as I am, and excited as well, since you'll be the Covergirl of Choice's second issue!!
I'm going to contact you soon, to interview you. Congratulations!!

Shake-something, I'm soo proud of you to, and don't you forget it! I loved your sceneries and your creativity! You have so much talent and that x factor. But the fact that you didn't (couldn't) do the final task made it a bit easier for us judges. I'm actually really sad about that, because i would love to see what would you do for the finals! But I hope you're not to sad, and that you understand! I love you, and you're still getting the runner-up's prizes (;

CONGRATULATIONS again girls! I love you both!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

The final task!!

Hello everyone!

Yes, it's time for the finals! It's been a long way to this point of the competition and I most say again of how proud I am of everyone! Expecially shake-something and itgonnarain for comming this far! Task 8 is going to be hard and seperated in to 3 parts :

1. Open your topic in the official club and write in there why you should win, and if you learnt anything, your feelings, what this means/meant to you,...

2. Make a scenery in which both of you are in it! Shake-something&itgonnarian, itgonnarain&shake-something. I'm going to make you both managers for this task, because not all the members show when you're creating a scenery ( owner, and managers show for sure). Make it friendly but still fashionable. Don't forget to pose!

3. Make a scenery of your beauty shot. Try to make it look fantasy-like (fantasy/futuristic/sci-fi). Because it's a beauty shot, make your medoll as big as you can. You can add a pose if you want. Even though it's a beauty shot, don't forget the background!

You will have until 27th of october (a week and a half). If you'll need a longer deadline, just ask, but i can't make it much longer. Do your best girls, because this is the final task and the last chance to show what you're made of! I believe in both of you and i know you won't let me down!
Oh, and i almost forgot to tell you about the prizes:

- the winning scenery is going to be on the front page of the club until the next cycle.
-your name on the front page of the club
-judge for the next cycle (if want)
-money prize of 20sd
And best of all...
you'll be the Covergirl of the next Choice magazine issue! Exclusive interview and photoshoot!

Good luck girls!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eliminations for task 7!

Hello everyone.

So, we're almost there. We're almost to the finals! But first, we need to have a elimination to get our top 2!
Guys, I can't tell you enough of how proud I am on all of you, because I know you all worked really hard, but one has to be eliminated. This was a hard decidion so I basicly have no idea of how I'm going to decide for the winner. Anyways, your sceneries were great but our 2 finalists are :

Itgonnarain - Your scenery of winter was beautiful, and i really liked your concept. The whole feeling was amazing and that's why you're the winner of task 7. Your scenery will be on the front page of the club.

Shake-something - I wasn't completly sure about your fall scenery, but i liked the idea and I know you have alot of potencial. Your concepts are always great and you're really creative.

Clubklo is eliminated. I'm so sorry Estelle, i love you and I'm really sorry but we had to decide. We think that those two girls are just a little tiny bit better. But you're still amazing, you have a beautiful personality and I think you're a great girl. Don't stop trying and remember that I'm proud of you.

Congratulations! We have our top finalists!
The final task will be posted soon, but I told you in the last post about the secret prize.
The winner of this cycle is going to be on the Cover of Choice magazine! That means you'll be Choice's second covergirl if you win this!
So girls, give it all you've got in the finals! I know you can do it, and I'm proud of you whatever happens.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Task 7!!

Hello models!

I'm really sorry for this huge break, but i worked on the last issues of Choice magazine, and i had a break from (the new) stardoll. But I'm back, and RNTM is running!
You've also probably noticed that the blog got a make-over. Hope you like it.
Anyways, let's skip to the task and our Top 3 girls!

For your last task, you've done commercials, but in this task, you'll have to be High fashion. Every girl will be assigned a season. You'll have to make a high fashion scenery inspired on that season. The main focus will have to be you, and the amazing couture dress you'll have to create.

Clubklo - Spring
Itgonnarain - Winter
Shake-something - Automn

Be inspired by your season and colours.

You have one week! That is 31. of August. (if you need a extension, contact me)
Good luck girls! Do your best, if you want to be in the FINALS!

P.S. I'll announce the main prize for the winner in the eliminations. (it's a good one, so again, do your best)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Task 6 eliminations!

Hello everyone!

We're so close for the finals! Only one task seperates us until the finals!
But...we have to get our top 3 first! You did really good on task 6 and it was a really hard decidion who to eliminate. So, here a re the results:

1. Shake-something -> what an amazing add! I loved everything about your scenery and it's going to be on the first page of the club.

2. Clubklo -> beautiful add, your product was amazing and i loved your commercial!

Bottom 2 :

AnE-SwEeTy -> Your add was cute but you could put more focus on the product.

itgonnarain -> Your scenery was very alluring and did put a little focus on the product, but you could do better.

So, who will go home and who will be in RNTM's top 3?
It was a Really hard desidion but at the end we choosed itgonnarain. I think you were great trough the whole competition. Even though you had some ups and downs, your in the top 3!
Congratulations. And congratulations AnE-SwEeTy for comming this far, I'm really sad to see you go. Itgonnarain was just a little better.

We now have our top 3!!
Congratulations everyone!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Task 6!

Hello models!

We've got our top 4 girls.
You'll be starring in an Add. Everyone will be selected an accessorie or make-up to show.
The object you'll get has to be the main focus, because you're selling it. And Everyone has to advertise it ( ex. the new covergirl eyeshadow will make you shine, ....)

AnE-SwEeTy -> You'll be making an add for a Covergirl lipstick.

Clubklo -> You'll be making an add for a parfume.

Shake-something -> You'll be making an add for a Covergirl eyeshadow.

itgonnarain -> You'll be making an add for a necklace.

I hope you all understand what you have to do, but if you don't, ask me for help, advice..
The deadline is on 2th of july!!!!
And if any of you needs a longer deadline please contact me!

Good luck!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Task 5 eliminations!!!

Hello models.

I'm so very happy and proud of the sceneries you made! You all grown and you all get better everytime! The sceneries were amazing, and you all portrayed summer-beach activities so amazingly! So, here are the results! :

1. Clubklo -> Your scenery was absolutly gorgeous! You and your pose looked amazing and i loved your swimsuits!

2. Shake-something -> What an idea, again! You looked stunning and the pose was perfect!

3. itgonnarain -> You looked gorgeous in your scenery. The pose was great and the atmosphere was great! And a great smile!

4. AnE-SwEeTy -> Such a beautiful scenery! You looked like gorgeous, and i love how you styled your medoll.

There is one girl who didn't do her scenery, and that is ShugaBabe..x , she dropped out of the competition.

Well girls, you are the top 4 !!!!
This is getting closer and closer to the end. The decidions are getting more and more difficult.
So girls, keep getting better and try to stand out as much as possible!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Task 5

Hello everyone!

There was 10, and now there is only 5 girls remaining!! Wooohoo!
Congratulations, I'm so proud of you girls!!

So task 5 will be really fun.
A day at the beach!

Show what you can do at a beach, all sorts of differend activities!
Of course, don't forget to stay stylish and modelish.You HAVE to have a pose and i want to see you all in stylish 2010 swimwears!Show that happy, relaxing feeling and fierce poses!To show your activity try to think out of the box.

Can't wait to see all the sceneries!
The deadline is on 13th of june!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Elimanations for task 4

Hello models!

This task was all about portraying differend cultures and countries. You did quite good jobs everyone and here are the results :

1. itgonnarain -> you're scenery was so beautiful! You really portrayed Arabic culture so well and the pose was really good (even though you had a glitch). I also loved your design. Your scenery will be shown on the club's homepage.

2. AnE-SwEeTy -> you were really close with itgonnarain, you're scenery was gorgeous. You portrayed India great, the only thing that was kinda bothering me and the judge was your pose. Actually, you're hands were to small. You still did great.

3. clubklo -> what a desing! I loved it, you looked gorgeous. I just wasn't sure about your background and pose.

4. shake-something -> I just wasn't sure of your scenery this week. I just got the feeling that you didn't put your all in it. But it was still nice and your pose was great.

5. ShugaBabe..x -> I saw Japan only from the styling of your medoll and from some objects that were in your scenery. Your pose was good but i didn't really see Japan.

The girl who is Elimanated, AGAIN, didn't do the task and that is AnTm_IdoL. She dropped out.
To bad...

So, we've got the winner of the task and the elimanated one.
I will post the task 5 very soon.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Task 4

Hello ladies.

Today's task will be portraying differend cultures.
I will assign everyone a differend country and you'll have to portray it in the scenery.

Shake-something -> Rome
ShugaBabe..x -> Japan
itgonnarain -> Arabia
AnTm_IdoL -> Greek
clubklo -> Indians
AnE-SwEeTy -> India

For the last two, i hope you understand wich is wich.

I hope you'll have fun making your sceneries and learning something more about each culture and country.
You have to have a pose, background and your culture has to be noticable and recognizable.

The deadline is on sunday, 16th of may.

Good luck!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Task 3 elimanations

Hello girls!

In this task some shone and some failed to portray queens.
But i was quite happy with the sceneries, though i said i wanted to see great backgrounds!
So lets see how you all did :

1. Shake-something --> Waw, what a queen! You looked stunning and i adore the whole scenery! Everything looks Fierce and i also love your amazing concept!
Your scenery will be on the clubs homepage.

2. itgonnarain --> You looked really nice and i loved the part with you releasing the butterflies. I noticed that you worked to have a more full scenery, but we didn't like the black background at first, but then you explained yourself so...

3.AnE-SwEeTy --> Even though you didn't write a describtion we still liked the scenery. It was full and you looked really nice. But you looked a bit like a princess than a queen.

4. Clubklo --> The fire queen! I expected a lot from you, but i didn't completly like the scenery. You looked fierce and beautiful, but you didn't have a background!

5. ShugaBabe..x --> You looked nice but i think you could portray the water queen better. Your background was really sunny though.

6. AnTm_IdoL --> You were suppose to portray queens but you looked like a top model (wich isn't bad, actually great!). We didn't really see wind in your scenery but you looked gorgeous and your design was beautiful.

The girl who is elimanated is...

Actually not on this list. Ashley_love_zac dropped out of the competition and I'm really sad she did...

Please, if you're not serious and don't mean to do the tasks on time, don't audition, or at least contact me, and i will longer the deadline.

Congrats everyone!

Task 4 will be posted soon.*

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Task 3

Hello girls!

Task 3 is here! You'll have to rule this one!
You'll be queens!

But not ordinary queens...

You'll be :

AnTm-IdoL -> queen of wind
itgonnarain -> queen of butterflies
Clubklo -> queen of stones and rocks
Ashley_Love_Zac -> queen of snow
ShugaBabe..x -> queen of water
shake-something -> queen of storms
AnE-SwEeTy -> the weed queen

Guys, i'm excpeting great or at least good poses, and amazing backgrounds!

Do your best and be creative! Think out of the box.

The deadline is in two weeks - 22th of April!

If you won't understand something just contact me.*

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Task 2 Elimenations!


I really liked the sceneries and how you portrayed your flowers.
Some really impressed me, but some didn't.
But let's start with those who impressed me the most :

1. ShugaBabe..x -> Love the scenery! You did a beautiful dress and you didn't forget about the background.

2. shake-something -> Your scenery was gorgeous, the pose was great and the outfit also, but something was a little wrong for me...though i can't figure out what.

3. Clubklo -> What a beautiful scenery! Great outfit, nice pose and an amazing concept!

I won't post about the girls that were in the middle, but I will go to the girls that are in the bottom :

Ashley_love_zac -> I have to say that i was really dissapointed when i saw your scenery. It was messy and you did everything with only 2 flowers. The pose and your medoll were the best thing in your scenery, but you get to stay.

Sweet_gal11 -> Your first scenery was nice, but you didn't completly do it by the task! And when you saw that, you went and made a re-do scenery even though that's against the rules. You could at least message me. Well, unfortunally you're now elimanated.

pinkrocker001 -> Didn't do the task.

Curly112497 -> Dropped out.

I'm sorry to all of the girls, but if you want, you can still apply for the next cylce....if you're not furious with me now..

Well that's it. Only 7 girls left now...

P.S. Task 3 will be posted soon, so start practicing your posing! ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Task 1 Elimanations!

Hello girls.

I'm really sorry for such a delay, but it was a hard week(s) for me, and i've been ill.
Anyways, i most say, that i'm quite happy with your sceneries.
So here are the results! :

1. AnTm-IdoL -> You had a such a fierce scenery, and it was very alluring. You are the winner of the first task, and your scenery will be on the club's home page.

2. itgonnarain -> You were really close to the first place. Your scenery was really good and your pose was great. I knew what you were portraying right away!

3. pinkrocker001 -> Your scenery was really nice, and i could see a doctor, but not the one that was suppose to be affraid of blood. You had a good pose and such good details! And i love how you accept judges comments.

4. Clubklo -> What a teacher! Maybe i didn't know you were one right away, but when i readed you describtion, i instantly knew what you wanted to show, and you did. The pose is great, but try to be more carefull with the layout next time.

5. Ashley_Love_Zac -> I could see, that you were portraying a model, and i love your idea. Your background was great, and your pose also. The whole scenery was really cute.

6. ShugaBabe..x -> Your scenery was so sunny and beautiful! You did a good pose, and i knew that you were a gardner because of the flowers. Though, be carefull about styling, since you weren't really dressed right, to be a gardner.

7. Curly112497 -> You were such a cute sad clown. You styled your medoll great and your facial expression was good. The pose was simple, but nice. Though, your scenery was kinda...forgetable. And that's not good. Try to add a Waw factor next time.

8. shake-something -> The whole scenery was nice, but i excpected more, at least more background. Though, the pose was great, the dress wasn't to fitting on you, and you have to be carefull. But i think you did understand what you had to portray.

The bottom 2 :

AnE-SwEeTy -> Your scenery was nice, but it didn't really impress me. You knew what you had to do, but i think you didn't show it that whel, but the pose was nice.

Sweet_gal11 -> I think your medoll, brang the whole scenery down. You didn't look like a model, even though this is a model competition. You didn't have a pose, But i have to agree that you had one of the hardest task.

If you don't quite understand your task or you're insecure, don't be affraid to ask me for advice or tips. Thats for all the girls.

So the girl who is elimanated is...
No one! I know both of you girls are talented and i see potencial in both of you, so i gave you a second chance. But you two better do your best in your next task, because you have a bigger chance of being elimanated now..

Congrats to all of you girls.
Task 2 will be announced soon!

Your's Nika.*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Task 1

Hello girls!

I just want to say congrats again for making it in the cycle 2, and i'm really happy that we can start!
So in the first task, you're going to portray jobs. I will assign you all jobs, but there is something just picked the wrong job for your personality. You probably have no idea what i'm talking about so just let me give you an example...what if you're a dancer, but you're clumsy? Or a teacher, but you hate kids? You'le have to portray this in your sceneries, concepts and face.

shake-something -> You're going to portray a famous, two faced pop singer.

AnE-SwEeTy -> You're going to portray a loving veterinarian, that is clumsy and easaly forgets something.

AnTm_IdoL -> You're going to portray an evil-spirited and mean court judge.

PinkRocker001 -> You're going to portray a surgeon that is affraid of blood.

itgonnarain -> You're going to portray a fashion designer, that has no fashion sence.

ShugaBabe..x -> You're going to portray a plant watering girl that has hay fever.

Ashley_Love_Zac -> You're going to portray a model that hates her job, and is always bored.

Clubklo -> You're going to portray a teacher that disslikes kids, and hates fruit and vegetables.

Curly112497 -> You're going to portray a sad clown that is missarble in her work.

Sweet_gal11 -> You're going to portray a baker that has no taste and overdose everything.

I hope you'le have fun with this task and that you'le be creative with your concept and scenery. Remember, you have to do a pose, and that you can add 1 or 2 more things to your personalities if you want, and that you still have to remain models!
If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me, and good luck!

The deadline is on 29th od january, so you have more than a week to do the task.

Good luck!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Offical cycle 2 contestants!

Hello girls!

First i most say, that i'm really happy with your works but i decided there will only be 10 girls in the cycle 2!
Every elimanation i will post a full comment for your scenery, here and you can see what me and my judge thought of your sceneries.
Soo, here it goes! :
(in no particular order)

Shake-something --> Your scenery was beautiful! Your concept was great and you really showed glamour! I loved you pose to, and i really saw potencial!

AnE-SwEeTy --> It was good, i saw little of glamour though i think you should work on your poses a little bit. But i did see potencial!

AnTm-IdoL --> Fierce! Your pose was great, you had a good idea but even though i didn't see glamour that much i think you have much potencial.

Pinkrocker001 --> It was glamourus, you did a great pose, but i saw that the idea was a little similliar to itgonnarain's but i'm glad you two worked it out, and i think you have potencial.

itgonnarain --> Waw, your scenery was the best in the callbacks! You really showed glamour and your idea was great, the pose was great and i saw that you're really nice, and that you have a good sport.

ShugaBabe..x --> i did saw glamour in your scenery and you had a nice pose, but next time be more carefull with the background. I saw potencial!

Ashley_Love_Zac --> You had a great concept, good pose and the whole scenery was good. I defenatly saw potencial!

Clubklo --> I think your scenery was really fashionable, you had a good idea, pose but next that you're a model! I know you have potencial, and i know you can do much better.

Curly112497 --> Your scenery was really cute, nice pose but try to make it a little more realistic (you knee was a little to sharp), but i saw glamour and i liked it! I saw potencial!

Sweet_gal11 --> you concept was amazing, you had a gorgeous dress, background, pose and i saw glamour and potencial! But I noticed a little attitude, please don't get me wrong it's just how you answered to the judges critic.


Now, here are the girls who sadly didn't make it, but still did good jobs!
(no particular order) :

crazyinluv123 --> A cute scenery, try to work on your poses, but you did the scenery over the deadline, i'm sorry.

natnat54 --> Whel, i saw little glamour, and even though the pose did look a little bit like shake-something's but you still did the scenery over the deadline, i'm sorry.

Hershey1011 --> It was a nice scenery, but it didn't look very glamourus, you had a good pose but you did the scenery over the deadline, i'm sorry.

--Rihanna--- --> You had a nice scenery, an ok pose but i think the concept and everything was a little to simple, sorry.

asopompom --> When i first saw the scenery, it was fine but me and the bunny.monney01 (judge) noticed it looks a lot more like bling bling than glamour, sorry.

jayla59 --> Unfortunally i didn't really see glamour, but i liked some of the parts of the scenery, but the biggest misstake that you did is the part when you putted Me in the scenery. I said only You (the model) can be in the scenery, sorry.

ILoveWicked. /
hot10girl /

I'm sorry girls, you still did good jobs, and i'm very happy you auditioned, and remember, there is always next cycles.

Congratulations to all who made it in the Offical cycle 2!!!
I can't wait to see the sceneries for task 1 that will be anounced very soon.