Monday, February 8, 2010

Task 1 Elimanations!

Hello girls.

I'm really sorry for such a delay, but it was a hard week(s) for me, and i've been ill.
Anyways, i most say, that i'm quite happy with your sceneries.
So here are the results! :

1. AnTm-IdoL -> You had a such a fierce scenery, and it was very alluring. You are the winner of the first task, and your scenery will be on the club's home page.

2. itgonnarain -> You were really close to the first place. Your scenery was really good and your pose was great. I knew what you were portraying right away!

3. pinkrocker001 -> Your scenery was really nice, and i could see a doctor, but not the one that was suppose to be affraid of blood. You had a good pose and such good details! And i love how you accept judges comments.

4. Clubklo -> What a teacher! Maybe i didn't know you were one right away, but when i readed you describtion, i instantly knew what you wanted to show, and you did. The pose is great, but try to be more carefull with the layout next time.

5. Ashley_Love_Zac -> I could see, that you were portraying a model, and i love your idea. Your background was great, and your pose also. The whole scenery was really cute.

6. ShugaBabe..x -> Your scenery was so sunny and beautiful! You did a good pose, and i knew that you were a gardner because of the flowers. Though, be carefull about styling, since you weren't really dressed right, to be a gardner.

7. Curly112497 -> You were such a cute sad clown. You styled your medoll great and your facial expression was good. The pose was simple, but nice. Though, your scenery was kinda...forgetable. And that's not good. Try to add a Waw factor next time.

8. shake-something -> The whole scenery was nice, but i excpected more, at least more background. Though, the pose was great, the dress wasn't to fitting on you, and you have to be carefull. But i think you did understand what you had to portray.

The bottom 2 :

AnE-SwEeTy -> Your scenery was nice, but it didn't really impress me. You knew what you had to do, but i think you didn't show it that whel, but the pose was nice.

Sweet_gal11 -> I think your medoll, brang the whole scenery down. You didn't look like a model, even though this is a model competition. You didn't have a pose, But i have to agree that you had one of the hardest task.

If you don't quite understand your task or you're insecure, don't be affraid to ask me for advice or tips. Thats for all the girls.

So the girl who is elimanated is...
No one! I know both of you girls are talented and i see potencial in both of you, so i gave you a second chance. But you two better do your best in your next task, because you have a bigger chance of being elimanated now..

Congrats to all of you girls.
Task 2 will be announced soon!

Your's Nika.*