Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Task 2 Elimenations!


I really liked the sceneries and how you portrayed your flowers.
Some really impressed me, but some didn't.
But let's start with those who impressed me the most :

1. ShugaBabe..x -> Love the scenery! You did a beautiful dress and you didn't forget about the background.

2. shake-something -> Your scenery was gorgeous, the pose was great and the outfit also, but something was a little wrong for me...though i can't figure out what.

3. Clubklo -> What a beautiful scenery! Great outfit, nice pose and an amazing concept!

I won't post about the girls that were in the middle, but I will go to the girls that are in the bottom :

Ashley_love_zac -> I have to say that i was really dissapointed when i saw your scenery. It was messy and you did everything with only 2 flowers. The pose and your medoll were the best thing in your scenery, but you get to stay.

Sweet_gal11 -> Your first scenery was nice, but you didn't completly do it by the task! And when you saw that, you went and made a re-do scenery even though that's against the rules. You could at least message me. Well, unfortunally you're now elimanated.

pinkrocker001 -> Didn't do the task.

Curly112497 -> Dropped out.

I'm sorry to all of the girls, but if you want, you can still apply for the next cylce....if you're not furious with me now..

Well that's it. Only 7 girls left now...

P.S. Task 3 will be posted soon, so start practicing your posing! ;)

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