Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Task 3 elimanations

Hello girls!

In this task some shone and some failed to portray queens.
But i was quite happy with the sceneries, though i said i wanted to see great backgrounds!
So lets see how you all did :

1. Shake-something --> Waw, what a queen! You looked stunning and i adore the whole scenery! Everything looks Fierce and i also love your amazing concept!
Your scenery will be on the clubs homepage.

2. itgonnarain --> You looked really nice and i loved the part with you releasing the butterflies. I noticed that you worked to have a more full scenery, but we didn't like the black background at first, but then you explained yourself so...

3.AnE-SwEeTy --> Even though you didn't write a describtion we still liked the scenery. It was full and you looked really nice. But you looked a bit like a princess than a queen.

4. Clubklo --> The fire queen! I expected a lot from you, but i didn't completly like the scenery. You looked fierce and beautiful, but you didn't have a background!

5. ShugaBabe..x --> You looked nice but i think you could portray the water queen better. Your background was really sunny though.

6. AnTm_IdoL --> You were suppose to portray queens but you looked like a top model (wich isn't bad, actually great!). We didn't really see wind in your scenery but you looked gorgeous and your design was beautiful.

The girl who is elimanated is...

Actually not on this list. Ashley_love_zac dropped out of the competition and I'm really sad she did...

Please, if you're not serious and don't mean to do the tasks on time, don't audition, or at least contact me, and i will longer the deadline.

Congrats everyone!

Task 4 will be posted soon.*

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