Sunday, June 27, 2010

Task 6!

Hello models!

We've got our top 4 girls.
You'll be starring in an Add. Everyone will be selected an accessorie or make-up to show.
The object you'll get has to be the main focus, because you're selling it. And Everyone has to advertise it ( ex. the new covergirl eyeshadow will make you shine, ....)

AnE-SwEeTy -> You'll be making an add for a Covergirl lipstick.

Clubklo -> You'll be making an add for a parfume.

Shake-something -> You'll be making an add for a Covergirl eyeshadow.

itgonnarain -> You'll be making an add for a necklace.

I hope you all understand what you have to do, but if you don't, ask me for help, advice..
The deadline is on 2th of july!!!!
And if any of you needs a longer deadline please contact me!

Good luck!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Task 5 eliminations!!!

Hello models.

I'm so very happy and proud of the sceneries you made! You all grown and you all get better everytime! The sceneries were amazing, and you all portrayed summer-beach activities so amazingly! So, here are the results! :

1. Clubklo -> Your scenery was absolutly gorgeous! You and your pose looked amazing and i loved your swimsuits!

2. Shake-something -> What an idea, again! You looked stunning and the pose was perfect!

3. itgonnarain -> You looked gorgeous in your scenery. The pose was great and the atmosphere was great! And a great smile!

4. AnE-SwEeTy -> Such a beautiful scenery! You looked like gorgeous, and i love how you styled your medoll.

There is one girl who didn't do her scenery, and that is ShugaBabe..x , she dropped out of the competition.

Well girls, you are the top 4 !!!!
This is getting closer and closer to the end. The decidions are getting more and more difficult.
So girls, keep getting better and try to stand out as much as possible!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Task 5

Hello everyone!

There was 10, and now there is only 5 girls remaining!! Wooohoo!
Congratulations, I'm so proud of you girls!!

So task 5 will be really fun.
A day at the beach!

Show what you can do at a beach, all sorts of differend activities!
Of course, don't forget to stay stylish and modelish.You HAVE to have a pose and i want to see you all in stylish 2010 swimwears!Show that happy, relaxing feeling and fierce poses!To show your activity try to think out of the box.

Can't wait to see all the sceneries!
The deadline is on 13th of june!!!!