Saturday, July 10, 2010

Task 6 eliminations!

Hello everyone!

We're so close for the finals! Only one task seperates us until the finals!
But...we have to get our top 3 first! You did really good on task 6 and it was a really hard decidion who to eliminate. So, here a re the results:

1. Shake-something -> what an amazing add! I loved everything about your scenery and it's going to be on the first page of the club.

2. Clubklo -> beautiful add, your product was amazing and i loved your commercial!

Bottom 2 :

AnE-SwEeTy -> Your add was cute but you could put more focus on the product.

itgonnarain -> Your scenery was very alluring and did put a little focus on the product, but you could do better.

So, who will go home and who will be in RNTM's top 3?
It was a Really hard desidion but at the end we choosed itgonnarain. I think you were great trough the whole competition. Even though you had some ups and downs, your in the top 3!
Congratulations. And congratulations AnE-SwEeTy for comming this far, I'm really sad to see you go. Itgonnarain was just a little better.

We now have our top 3!!
Congratulations everyone!

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