Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Task 7!!

Hello models!

I'm really sorry for this huge break, but i worked on the last issues of Choice magazine, and i had a break from (the new) stardoll. But I'm back, and RNTM is running!
You've also probably noticed that the blog got a make-over. Hope you like it.
Anyways, let's skip to the task and our Top 3 girls!

For your last task, you've done commercials, but in this task, you'll have to be High fashion. Every girl will be assigned a season. You'll have to make a high fashion scenery inspired on that season. The main focus will have to be you, and the amazing couture dress you'll have to create.

Clubklo - Spring
Itgonnarain - Winter
Shake-something - Automn

Be inspired by your season and colours.

You have one week! That is 31. of August. (if you need a extension, contact me)
Good luck girls! Do your best, if you want to be in the FINALS!

P.S. I'll announce the main prize for the winner in the eliminations. (it's a good one, so again, do your best)

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