Sunday, October 17, 2010

The final task!!

Hello everyone!

Yes, it's time for the finals! It's been a long way to this point of the competition and I most say again of how proud I am of everyone! Expecially shake-something and itgonnarain for comming this far! Task 8 is going to be hard and seperated in to 3 parts :

1. Open your topic in the official club and write in there why you should win, and if you learnt anything, your feelings, what this means/meant to you,...

2. Make a scenery in which both of you are in it! Shake-something&itgonnarian, itgonnarain&shake-something. I'm going to make you both managers for this task, because not all the members show when you're creating a scenery ( owner, and managers show for sure). Make it friendly but still fashionable. Don't forget to pose!

3. Make a scenery of your beauty shot. Try to make it look fantasy-like (fantasy/futuristic/sci-fi). Because it's a beauty shot, make your medoll as big as you can. You can add a pose if you want. Even though it's a beauty shot, don't forget the background!

You will have until 27th of october (a week and a half). If you'll need a longer deadline, just ask, but i can't make it much longer. Do your best girls, because this is the final task and the last chance to show what you're made of! I believe in both of you and i know you won't let me down!
Oh, and i almost forgot to tell you about the prizes:

- the winning scenery is going to be on the front page of the club until the next cycle.
-your name on the front page of the club
-judge for the next cycle (if want)
-money prize of 20sd
And best of all...
you'll be the Covergirl of the next Choice magazine issue! Exclusive interview and photoshoot!

Good luck girls!


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