Saturday, November 27, 2010


Dear Santa,

I have to tell you, that this cycle was defenatly differend and exciting! All the drama, the extensions, the success, and most of all, the Talent! All the girls who competed in this cycle
were a-mazing! They've shown so much creativity, uniquness and that everyone of them is special.
I'm so proud of all of them, and i hope they're happy they compeeted and that they've learnt something new. But it's this time of the competition where I've got only 2 girls left whose sceneries where always fantastic! But who to pick as a winner? Well, it was a tought decidion...
I won't say Anything. I will show you the answer...
The winner of Rihanna's next top model 2010 cycle 2 is :


I'm so proud and I feel so honored to have you as a winner of RNTM! I hope you're happy as I am, and excited as well, since you'll be the Covergirl of Choice's second issue!!
I'm going to contact you soon, to interview you. Congratulations!!

Shake-something, I'm soo proud of you to, and don't you forget it! I loved your sceneries and your creativity! You have so much talent and that x factor. But the fact that you didn't (couldn't) do the final task made it a bit easier for us judges. I'm actually really sad about that, because i would love to see what would you do for the finals! But I hope you're not to sad, and that you understand! I love you, and you're still getting the runner-up's prizes (;

CONGRATULATIONS again girls! I love you both!


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