Saturday, March 12, 2011

Contestants of CYCLE 3! + Task 1

Hello everybody!

Finally, we've choosen who will compeete in RNTM cycle 3! We've chosen only 10 girls, because some did really good, and some didn't impress us at all. So those lucky 10 girls are :

(in no particular order) :


Congratulations!! And to those girls who didn't make it...I am really sorry. I still see potencial in all of you, so don't give up! Keep working on your sceneries and try for the next cycle! Thank you so much for applying.

So, now i have to tell you about task 1. Because of that is happening around the world, expecially now, in Japan, i decided to give you a task about Natural dissasters and differend accidents. If you haven't heard of what is happening in Japan, i most tell you it's really horrible. Japan was shook by one of the most strongest earthquakes ever (8.9). And then, water came rushing in and made an even bigger mess. And to top it off, they're also very concern about the power factories that can explode. I hope everything is going to be better soon, and nothing worse will happen.
So, now i will assign every girl a differend accident and dissaster.

amy_0202 - snow storm
yoTOO - avalanche
Alice2078 - vulcanic eruption
Macu6ka.96 - the flood
liajm - earthquake
Ostar7 - fire eruption
Winter4543 - tsunami
freeduck_ - hurricane
Connacht - lightning storm
iswim19 - drought

You can either Be the dissaster or you can just be a person in that dissaster. Your choice. Your deadline is 20th of March. Good luck girls! If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me or bunny.monney01!

+ You Have to write a describtion under your scenery about it, and you have to have a pose!