Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Task 2 Eliminations!


So this week was full of action! Of course not everyone made their entrie AGAIN, but i guess that's just something i will have to live with. Anyways, your task was to portray action, movement in your scenery. Some did, and some didn't. But i was really nicely impressed by your sceneries. It wasn't all that easy choosing a winner but I finally did:

liajm - You portrayed swimming which you did amazingly! The pose was really neatly done and you really did look like you were moving. Keep up the great work.

There won't be any eliminations since not everyone did their task, and macu6ka.96 dropped out because of technical issues. Anyways, the girls still in the competition are:


Waw, did you notice there is only 5 girls left? Who will be Choice's 3rd issue CoverGirl?

3 task comming soon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Task 2

Hi everyone!

We're back with task 2! For this challenge, you'll have to take an action shot! I chosed this task, because I want to see some poses! Some of you might not know, that if you don't do a pose in your scenery, you'll lose alot of your chances to win that task. So make sure you do a great pose, because you'll just have to, this time! You can choose the theme, so be creative and inspiring! If you need some inspiring yourself here are some samples:

Dancing, marcial arts, falling, .....
So, you know what i'm talking about? Think out of the box and make us go Wow! Make a pose, try your best, because without a pose, you'll just look like this :

And please don't use the comic's scenery, but anything else will do. The deadline is 12th of April, so you'll have enough time. If you have Any questions or doubts, just contact me or bunny.monney01 !

Good luck!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Task 1 eliminations!

Hello everybody!

So the first task was about to portray natural dissasters. I most say that i wasn't to impressed by the sceneries that the contestants have made. I was expecting more out of you, even though it's only the first task, and you're still growing. Anyways, because not everybody did the task, there won't be an elimination. But there is going to be a winner of the task, and that is :

amy_0202 ! You portrayed snow storm amazingly! So beautiful and pure. You also added an amazing pose! I'm just mad about stardoll for glitching your scenery. But i will still put it on the first page of the club. Keep this effort up!

And the other girls still in the running (in no particular order) :


I hope i will see improvment in the next task that will be announced soon.