Sunday, May 15, 2011

Task 3 eliminations!

Hello girls!

I'm really glad that all of you did their sceneries and we can finally have a Real elimination.
You all did a very good job in portraying two differend lifestyles but the results go like this:

liajm - your scenery was amazing with a great concept. Keep up the good work!

amy_0202 - what a great pose! You're really good in that, so defenatly don't stop making poses.

freeduck_ - your scenery was so happy and sunny, it probably just lacked a little concept.

And now, Winter4543 and iswim19 , you two are in the bottom, because i think you didn't put your all in the scenery and i think you can do better. But one girl is going to be eliminated. And that is .... iswim19. Your sceneries usually lacked interest and i think you didn't always understand the task, and you didn't do task 3 completly by the rules. But you're still good so don't give up on sceneries.

So Winter4543, you are save and still in the running of becoming Rihanna's next top model! Just be sure to take your time in creating your scenery and try creating a more fierce background.

That's it girls! Task 4 will be posted very soon.

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