Sunday, April 3, 2011

Task 1 eliminations!

Hello everybody!

So the first task was about to portray natural dissasters. I most say that i wasn't to impressed by the sceneries that the contestants have made. I was expecting more out of you, even though it's only the first task, and you're still growing. Anyways, because not everybody did the task, there won't be an elimination. But there is going to be a winner of the task, and that is :

amy_0202 ! You portrayed snow storm amazingly! So beautiful and pure. You also added an amazing pose! I'm just mad about stardoll for glitching your scenery. But i will still put it on the first page of the club. Keep this effort up!

And the other girls still in the running (in no particular order) :


I hope i will see improvment in the next task that will be announced soon.

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