Thursday, January 14, 2010

Offical cycle 2 contestants!

Hello girls!

First i most say, that i'm really happy with your works but i decided there will only be 10 girls in the cycle 2!
Every elimanation i will post a full comment for your scenery, here and you can see what me and my judge thought of your sceneries.
Soo, here it goes! :
(in no particular order)

Shake-something --> Your scenery was beautiful! Your concept was great and you really showed glamour! I loved you pose to, and i really saw potencial!

AnE-SwEeTy --> It was good, i saw little of glamour though i think you should work on your poses a little bit. But i did see potencial!

AnTm-IdoL --> Fierce! Your pose was great, you had a good idea but even though i didn't see glamour that much i think you have much potencial.

Pinkrocker001 --> It was glamourus, you did a great pose, but i saw that the idea was a little similliar to itgonnarain's but i'm glad you two worked it out, and i think you have potencial.

itgonnarain --> Waw, your scenery was the best in the callbacks! You really showed glamour and your idea was great, the pose was great and i saw that you're really nice, and that you have a good sport.

ShugaBabe..x --> i did saw glamour in your scenery and you had a nice pose, but next time be more carefull with the background. I saw potencial!

Ashley_Love_Zac --> You had a great concept, good pose and the whole scenery was good. I defenatly saw potencial!

Clubklo --> I think your scenery was really fashionable, you had a good idea, pose but next that you're a model! I know you have potencial, and i know you can do much better.

Curly112497 --> Your scenery was really cute, nice pose but try to make it a little more realistic (you knee was a little to sharp), but i saw glamour and i liked it! I saw potencial!

Sweet_gal11 --> you concept was amazing, you had a gorgeous dress, background, pose and i saw glamour and potencial! But I noticed a little attitude, please don't get me wrong it's just how you answered to the judges critic.


Now, here are the girls who sadly didn't make it, but still did good jobs!
(no particular order) :

crazyinluv123 --> A cute scenery, try to work on your poses, but you did the scenery over the deadline, i'm sorry.

natnat54 --> Whel, i saw little glamour, and even though the pose did look a little bit like shake-something's but you still did the scenery over the deadline, i'm sorry.

Hershey1011 --> It was a nice scenery, but it didn't look very glamourus, you had a good pose but you did the scenery over the deadline, i'm sorry.

--Rihanna--- --> You had a nice scenery, an ok pose but i think the concept and everything was a little to simple, sorry.

asopompom --> When i first saw the scenery, it was fine but me and the bunny.monney01 (judge) noticed it looks a lot more like bling bling than glamour, sorry.

jayla59 --> Unfortunally i didn't really see glamour, but i liked some of the parts of the scenery, but the biggest misstake that you did is the part when you putted Me in the scenery. I said only You (the model) can be in the scenery, sorry.

ILoveWicked. /
hot10girl /

I'm sorry girls, you still did good jobs, and i'm very happy you auditioned, and remember, there is always next cycles.

Congratulations to all who made it in the Offical cycle 2!!!
I can't wait to see the sceneries for task 1 that will be anounced very soon.

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