Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Task 1

Hello girls!

I just want to say congrats again for making it in the cycle 2, and i'm really happy that we can start!
So in the first task, you're going to portray jobs. I will assign you all jobs, but there is something differend...you just picked the wrong job for your personality. You probably have no idea what i'm talking about so just let me give you an example...what if you're a dancer, but you're clumsy? Or a teacher, but you hate kids? You'le have to portray this in your sceneries, concepts and face.

shake-something -> You're going to portray a famous, two faced pop singer.

AnE-SwEeTy -> You're going to portray a loving veterinarian, that is clumsy and easaly forgets something.

AnTm_IdoL -> You're going to portray an evil-spirited and mean court judge.

PinkRocker001 -> You're going to portray a surgeon that is affraid of blood.

itgonnarain -> You're going to portray a fashion designer, that has no fashion sence.

ShugaBabe..x -> You're going to portray a plant watering girl that has hay fever.

Ashley_Love_Zac -> You're going to portray a model that hates her job, and is always bored.

Clubklo -> You're going to portray a teacher that disslikes kids, and hates fruit and vegetables.

Curly112497 -> You're going to portray a sad clown that is missarble in her work.

Sweet_gal11 -> You're going to portray a baker that has no taste and overdose everything.

I hope you'le have fun with this task and that you'le be creative with your concept and scenery. Remember, you have to do a pose, and that you can add 1 or 2 more things to your personalities if you want, and that you still have to remain models!
If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me, and good luck!

The deadline is on 29th od january, so you have more than a week to do the task.

Good luck!


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