Friday, May 21, 2010

Elimanations for task 4

Hello models!

This task was all about portraying differend cultures and countries. You did quite good jobs everyone and here are the results :

1. itgonnarain -> you're scenery was so beautiful! You really portrayed Arabic culture so well and the pose was really good (even though you had a glitch). I also loved your design. Your scenery will be shown on the club's homepage.

2. AnE-SwEeTy -> you were really close with itgonnarain, you're scenery was gorgeous. You portrayed India great, the only thing that was kinda bothering me and the judge was your pose. Actually, you're hands were to small. You still did great.

3. clubklo -> what a desing! I loved it, you looked gorgeous. I just wasn't sure about your background and pose.

4. shake-something -> I just wasn't sure of your scenery this week. I just got the feeling that you didn't put your all in it. But it was still nice and your pose was great.

5. ShugaBabe..x -> I saw Japan only from the styling of your medoll and from some objects that were in your scenery. Your pose was good but i didn't really see Japan.

The girl who is Elimanated, AGAIN, didn't do the task and that is AnTm_IdoL. She dropped out.
To bad...

So, we've got the winner of the task and the elimanated one.
I will post the task 5 very soon.

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