Sunday, May 8, 2011

Task 3!

Hello girls!

Only 5 of you left and we're only at task 3! Well this week you're going to portray healthy(working out, healthy food, no stress...) or unhealthy(smoking, ''couch potato'', unhealthy snacks...) lifestyles. Some of you are going to be given a healthy lifestyle to portray and some are going to be given an unhealthy lifestyle. So here are your assigments:

liajm - unhealthy
iswim19 - healthy
winter4543 - unhealthy
freeduck_ - healthy
amy_0202 - healthy

So, think about this task and do your best in portraying these differend lifestyles. You also have to write your opinion about health problems and why do you think there is so many people who live unhealthy. Remember that you HAVE to write that in to your describtion! Plus of course the describtion of your scenery and the concept that you've gone with.

P.S. don't forget a pose!

The deadline is 15th of May, and that is one week! I expect that everyone will do the task so please please don't dissapoint me.

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